Meley Sie

don’t do art, I tell art. People will say she wants to say that she tells stories. Yes! But I will keep saying that “I tell art”. As a Christian artist: fashion photographer, content creator, and worshipper, I want to tell art from a different profile, a different angle. 
My name is Meley Laetitia SIE, I am 24 years old and I am an artist from Côte d’Ivoire, a beautiful country located in West Africa. Art is a way to express myself. In my art, I use different perspectives to materialize my ideas. I promote my African culture, my christian faith, black beauty and black excellence through my photography and content creation on instagram. Lately, photography, fashion and art in general have helped me reunite and embrace my African heritage. I can’t be prouder to belong to such a deep and meaningful culture, and that is the reason why I want to empower young black people about their heritage through my art.
I strongly believe in sisterhood. I feel like women of all culture should sup
I strongly believe in sisterhood. I feel like women of all culture should support each other and uplift each other to be better! In everything we do, we, as women, should always rely on each other. 
Working as a director of photography for a fashion magazine is one of the many goals that I want to achieve in the future. 
I had a great buying experience with Saolla. They genuinely took care of me and followed up, making sure that I well received my items. Even more, I received beautiful and very good quality jewelries that I can wear for any occasions.