In 2016, Saolla started with two founders they made the decision to abandon their respective careers to pursue a dream: to create a brand for the women of today, and a vision to change the game. turning their passion for jewellery and design into a life project. Today, we are very proud to be able to create unforgettable experiences through our products.


From our early days shooting our own photos and packaging every order ourselves, to a fast growing company with a team of more than 40, our values have remained the same. Now based in France,Brest and shipping around the globe, we’re still committed to stunning, hand selected jewelry , watches and with passion personal service.

We’re growing fast, and have connected with over 67k social media fans and ambassadors who love our jewelry  just as much as we do.

We’re glad to have people like you supporting us and sharing our vision, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Every day we aim to inspire one another, make the world a more pure magic place, and create something new.

Thank you for your support.