Saolla is a modern jewelry brand. Each piece is conceptualized and selected with love by a small team, led by founder kaoutar moustaid .
Born in 2018, Saolla draws inspiration from global treasures and found curiosities that translate into wearable, contemporary silhouettes. Saolla marries vintage inspiration with sleek mixed metals, pendants and natural stones to create high-quality, versatile pieces that tell a story.


As a small company, we are focused on continual, sustainable expansion. Safety, quality and an appreciation of our employees are fixed aspects of the Saolla company philosophy as we grow together with the commitment and ideas of our teams and our partners. This gives the freedom to be open-minded at all times and to be prepared for the latest developments and trends.
Our pledge to our customers and retailers: We want to inspire people with designs and high quality pieces to stand the test of time, creating future heirlooms for now and for generations to come