Tayssa Mango Quade

My name is Tayssa, 
I will be 18 on October 28
I live in Guerande next to La Baule a seaside resort on the west coast of France since 2016. Before that I lived in Portugal in a warm city named Barreiro a city beyond the south side of Lisbon. 
Currently I am in the final class at Grand Air High School in La baule
next year I would like to have my place in a language faculty to become a translator in Portuguese , Spanish, French and English, find a property, be totally independent and build my future
for this I work at Mc Donald’s since 11 months to make me some money, at school I participate in events and I am very sociable. Everybody calls me “Tata”
I don’t like to discuss on social networks I prefer to live in real life, but I am not less active on instagram, I love know what is happening, I am interested in everything. Besides all that I’ve done handball for 6 years, in my free time I usually go out with my friends on weekends we go for drinks, we go to parties, we just get together to talk, we bask at the beach, we are like a family a huge and warm family that welcomed me as soon as I arrived and that is always there for me
Saolla is an opportunity that fell on me, I’m curious to know how far this will lead me so I’m really happy to be part of your project!