Ayesha Memon

hello my name is ayesha Memon, I’m currently a student studying law. Being a student living on my own can sometimes get tough doing everything on your own and adulting at such a young age. But it has always been a dream of mine to become successful and always depend on myself to achieve great things. Some of my interests and hobbies are cooking and baking. I find great comfort in it and always believe my work brings joy to the ones around me which keeps me not only happy but motivated. Alongside baking I enjoy shopping, mostly jewellery and saolla jewels has got me covered for whatever I need. The company not only supplies the most beautiful pieces jewellery but empowers women supporting women of all colour, religion, sexuality etc. As a woman of colour, I can speak for myself and many others that it always seems as if fitting into societal standards can get hard with the stigma around a certain perception and the ongoing competition between females but saolla does a great job making everyone feel included and has a diverse list of ambassadors which is a beautiful way of conveying their message even further. As an ambassador of the company I am so thrilled to be a part of something so beautiful and empowering. Thank you.